Interactive login is to be used when the user is present to login (for example, 3rd Party Desktop Applications) and will manage any additional information required at login depending upon a customer's account (such as 2 Factor Authentication codes or National Identifiers). 

This is achieved by embedding the Betfair IdentitySSO login page in your application and then obtaining a successful session token upon login. The keep alive operation should be called every 7 minutes if the user is still actively using your application. The embedded login page initially looks like this:

You should be able to detect the presence of a session token in the requests upon successful login for use by your application.



URL definition

International users:




Spanish jurisdiction users:




Italian jurisdiction users:





product(mandatory)The product for which the login page is used and on which the user will do the login; This should be your application key."IhDSui3ODdsdwo"
url (mandatory)The url to which the the browser should be redirected in case of a successful login. 
By default, https://www.betfair.com will be allowed but further URLs can be added upon agreement with Betfair.