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This functionality should be of use to those who want to bet right up to the actual ‘off’ of a horserace or sporting event but be confident that you’re not inadvertently bet into the first seconds of in-play after the off.  Similarly, in managed football markets, you can avoid your bets reaching the Exchange after the market has reformed following a goal being scored etc.

The ‘market version’ value (on listMarketBook and on ESA) is incremented for any and all changes to the market.

However, to prevent falsely blocking bets we keep track of the last material change (which we define as one performed under suspension**) and will only accept bets placed with that version or later.


Market Version

Minimum version to not be rejected


Market Activated




Start time updated (market not suspended)



Non-material change, bets placed before change but received after will be processed normally

Runner removed (under suspension)



Material change, bets placed before change but received after will be rejected.

Market turned in-play



As above

** this includes:

-          Runner removal and addition

-          Turn in-play

-          Lapsing or voiding bets (eg on goals being scored in managed Football market)

But not (e.g.) updating Tennis court times or Golf tee times as they become more accurately known on the day.



Bet to Payout or Profit/Liability