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PlaceExecutionReport placeOrders ( StringmarketId , List< PlaceInstruction >instructions, String customerRef, MarketVersion marketVersion, String customerStrategyRef ) throws APINGException

Place new orders into market. This operation is atomic in that all orders will be placed or none will be placed. Please note that additional bet sizing rules apply to bets placed into the Italian Exchange.

Parameter name







The market id these orders are to be placed on


List< PlaceInstruction >


The number of place instructions.  The limit of place instructions per request is 200 for the UK/AUS Exchange and 50 for the Italian Exchange.




Optional parameter allowing the client to pass a unique string (up to 32 chars) that is used to de-dupe mistaken re-submissions.   CustomerRef can contain: upper/lower chars, digits, chars : - . _ + * : ; ~ only. Please note: There is a time window associated with the de-duplication of duplicate submissions which is 60 seconds.




Optional parameter allowing the client to specify which version of the market the 
orders should be placed on. If the current market version is higher than that sent on an order, 
the bet will be lapsed.




An optional reference customers can use to specify which strategy has sent the order. 
The reference will be returned on order change messages through the stream API. The string is 
limited to 15 characters. If an empty string is provided it will be treated as null.

Return type







Generic exception that is thrown if this operation fails for any reason.

Since 1.0.0

Fill or Kill bets

By setting the optional parameter ‘TimeInForce’ on a limitOrder submission to the value ‘FILL_OR_KILL’ and optionally passing a minFillSize value, the Exchange will only match the order if at  least the specified minFillSize can be matched (if passed) or the whole order matched (if not).  Any order which cannot be so matched, and any remaining unmatched part of the order (if minFillSize is specified) will be immediately cancelled.

Please note:  the matching algorithm for Fill or Kill orders behaves slightly differently to that for standard limit orders.  Whereas the price on a limit order represents the lowest price at which any fragment should be matched, the price on a Fill or Kill order represents the lower limit of the Volume Weighted Average Price (“VWAP”) for the entire volume matched.  So, for instance, a Fill or Kill order with price = 5.4 and size = 10 might be matched as £2 @ 5.5, £6 @ 5.4 and £2 @ 5.3.

Market version parameter

We have added an additional optional parameter ‘marketVersion’ to the ‘placeOrders and ‘replaceOrders operations.  The MarketBook data item, which contains the dynamic data on a market, including its prices, has always returned an integer market ‘version’.  This ‘version’ is incremented when significant events – runner removal, turn in-play etc. – occur.  Now, by passing that version as ‘marketVersion’ with your orders, you can specify that if the market version has been incremented beyond that value, your orders should lapse and not be submitted for matching.

This functionality should be of use to those who want to bet right up to the actual ‘off’ of a horserace or sporting event but be confident that you’re not inadvertently bet into the first seconds of in-play after the off.  Similarly, in managed football markets, you can avoid your bets reaching the Exchange after the market has reformed following a goal being scored etc.

Bet to Payout or Profit/Liability

Currently, best execution, which guarantees that you’ll receive the best possible price, means that you receive a greater potential payout to the same stakes (or risk a smaller potential payout to the same backer’s stakes, for layers).

If alternatively you should wish to benefit by receiving the same potential payout as you originally requested, but to smaller stakes, you can now specify on a LimitOrder (placeOrders) an optional ‘betTargetType’ of ‘PAYOUT’ or ‘BACKERS_PROFIT’ (the latter being identical to layers’ liability) and a ‘betTargetSize’ representing the value of that payout or profit, together with the usual ‘price’ parameter to represent their limit price.  Your bet will then be matched to achieve that payout or profit at the specified price or better.

Should all or any of the order be unmatched after first reaching the Exchange, the unmatched portion will be expressed in standard price and backers’ stake terms (by dividing the remaining unmatched payout by the price, or unmatched profit by the price – 1, and placed on the unmatched queue), after this point the bet behaves like any other.

Ability to place lower minimum stakes at larger prices

In order to allow customers to bet to smaller stakes on longer-priced selections, an extra property has been added to our Currency Parameters – “Min Bet Payout”. 

As currently bets where the backer’s stake is at and above the ‘Min Bet Size’ for the currency concerned (£2 for GBP) are valid.   In addition, bets below this value are valid if the payout of the bet would be equal to or greater than the value of ‘Min Bet Payout’ - £10 for GBP.  For example, a bet of £1 @ 10, or 10p @ 100 or 1p @ 1000 are all valid as they all target a payout of £10 or more.

Please note: This function is only enabled for UK & International customers and not .it, .es, .dk jurisdictions.

Each Way Betting

Each Way betting is available via the API.  Each Way markets can be identified as marketType EACH_WAY using listMarketCatalogue.  The divisor that applies to the EACH_WAY market is returned by listMarketCatalogue via the MARKET_DESCRIPTION MarketProjection.


Currency name


Min Bet Size

Min Deposit Size

Minimum BSP Liability


UK Sterling£21010
US DollarUS$41520
Hong Kong DollarsHK$25150125
Australian DollarAUD53030
Canadian DollarCAD62530
Danish KronerDKK30150150
Norwegian KronorNOK30150150
Swedish KronaSEK30150150
Singapore DollarSGD63030