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This message is the first message that the client must send on connecting to the server - you must be authenticated before any other request is processed.  

Key fields:

  • op=authentication - This is the operation type
  • appKey - This is your application key to identify your application
  • session - The session token generated from API login.
titleCommon Authentication Errors

Some common authentication errors that you should handle - these are defined on ErrorCodes enum (these will all close your connection):

  • NO_APP_KEY / INVALID_APP_KEY - Check you are using the correct app key
  • NO_SESSION / INVALID_SESSION_INFORMATION - Check the session is current
  • NOT_AUTHORIZED - Check that you are using the correct appkey / session and that it has been setup by BDP

  • MAX_CONNECTION_LIMIT_EXCEEDED - Check that you are not creating too many connections / are closing connections properly.