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Betting API Operations

Betting API Overview

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Documentation Versions

The below log details any major updates to the API-NG Reference Guide.

V 2.3Update to include Race Status API with listRaceDetails operations26-10-2015
V 2.2Updated to include eachWayDivisor field in listMarketCatalogue response21-04-2015
V 2.1Updated to include additional country field in getAccountDetails response09-01-2015
V 2.0Updated to include transferFunds, updateApplicationSubscription operation and updates to getAccountfunds29-09-2014
V 1.9Updated to include Navigation Data For Applications26-08-2014
V.1.8Updated to include changes to error handing in listCurrentOrders14-07-2014
V.1.7Updated to include changes to getAccountFunds & Vendor Services API16-06-2014
V.1.6Updated to include getAccountStatement and listCurrencyRates29-04-2014
V.1.5Updated to include the Heartbeat API09-04-2014
V.1.4Updated to include changes to listClearedOrders and listMarketCatalogue.24-02-2014
V.1.3Introduced the listMarketProfitAndLoss functionality to the Betting API.03-02-2014
V.1.2Introduced the listClearedOrders functionality to the Betting API.17-12-2013
V.1.1Updates to the Vendor API, listCurrentOrders and addition of endpoint for Australian Exchange07-10-2013
V1.0Introduced login and vendor services functionality, moved to final endpoints.29-07-2013
V0.4Introduced additional Account functionality (getAccountFunds and getAccountDetails)01-07-2013
V0.3Introduced Account API-NG03-06-2013
V0.2Introduced betting functionality and listCurrentOrders20-05-2013
V0.1Initial release09-12-2012


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Exchange Stream API

Exchange Stream API

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Accounts API Operations

Accounts API Overview

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Vendor API Operations

Vendor Services API

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