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What is an Application Key?

In order to use the Betting & Accounts API, you need to have an Application Key. The Application Key identifies your API client.  Two App Keys are assigned to a single Betfair account, one live App Key and one delayed App Key for testing.

You must pass the Application Key with every HTTP request. You do this by setting the HTTP header with the value of the key assigned by Betfair.

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titleCommercial Usage

Please note: App Key generation is for personal betting purposes only. All data/API usage in any commercial context must be approved by Betfair.

Unauthorised commercial usage will be identified & blocked.

How to Create An Application Key

You can create an Application Key for your Betfair account using the Accounts API Demo Tool and createDeveloperAppKeys operation

  1. Click on the Accounts API Demo Tool link 
  2. Select the createDeveloperAppKeys operation from the list of Operations on the top left-hand side of the demo tool.
  3. Enter a sessionToken in the 'Session Token (ssoid)' text box.  You can find instructions on how to find your sessionToken via your browser here.
  4. Enter your Application Name (this must be unique) in the 'Request' column.  The Application Name can be any name of your choice, but like your Betfair username, must be unique.
  5. Press Execute at the bottom of the 'Request' column.

Two Application Keys will then be created and displayed in the Developer Apps column in the demo tool

Please note:

  • The X-Application header is not required when using the createDeveloperAppKeys or the getDeveloperAppKeys service.
  • The Application Name must be unique.
  • The Application Name cannot contain your username. An UNEXPECTED_ERROR will be returned in these circumstances..


You should also ensure that your Application Name is a unique value as attempts to create an Application Name that already exists will return an APP_KEY_CREATION_FAILED error response.

How to Retrieve Existing Application Keys

You can only create one set of Application Keys for an account and an error will be displayed if you attempt to create additional Application Keys

To retrieve your existing Application Keys:

  1. Click on the Accounts API Demo Tool link 
  2. Select the getDeveloperAppKeys operation from the list of Operations on the top left-hand side of the demo tool.
  3. Enter a sessionToken in the 'Session Token (ssoid)' text box.  You can find instructions on how to find your sessionToken via your browser here.
  4. Press Execute at the bottom of the 'Request' column.
  5. Details of your existing Application Keys will then appear on the right-hand side under the Developer Apps column.
  6. The Application Key value is shown under the Application Key column. Please note:  You need to expand the Application Key column to see the full Application Key value which is 16 characters in total. 

Live & Delayed Application Keys Usage

The createDeveloperAppKeys service will assign two Application Keys (App Keys) to your Betfair account.

One 'Live' Application Key and one 'Delayed' Application Key. A Delayed Application Key is displayed as 'Version 1.0-DELAY' via createDeveloperAppKeys/getDeveloperAppKeys

Key points:

  • Upon creation, the Live Application Key will be inactive.

  • The Delayed App Key operates on the live (production) Betfair Exchange and not a testbed/sandbox environment.
  • The Delayed App Key should be use for development purposes and any functional testing.  The key provides delayed Betfair price data. The delay is variable between 1-180 second snapshots.

  • The Delayed App Key must also be used in simulation/practice applications where the facility to bet into live Betfair markets is not available.
  • The Delayed App Key does not return traded volume data 'totalMatched' or EX_ALL_OFFERS via listMarketBook. 

How do I activate my Live App Key?

To apply for a Live Application key please take note of the below:

Before applying, please:

  • Complete any testing using your Delayed Application key.
  • Ensure that your account has been fully verified in line with our KYC policy.  Please note:  We do not accept license applications from India, Bangledesh, Sri Lanka or the UAE.
  • Check that your account is funded to cover the £299 activation fee.  

Please note: A one-off activation fee of £299 applies; this is debited directly from your Betfair account once access is approved.  

To apply for a Live Application key for personal betting use please click here and select Exchange API > For My Personal Betting and complete the application form at the bottom of the page.

Detailed Historical Data is additionally made available for testing and analysis purposes. Restrictions will be applied to 'read-only' Live Application Keys.

Delay & Live Application Keys Overview

Please see below table for a summary of the data/services available to Delayed & Live Application Keys.

Delayed Application Key

Live Application Key

Use ForDevelopmentLive betting applications

Activation Fee



Live Price Data



Read Only Access Allowed Yes No**

Bet Placement (Live Exchange)



Stream API



Price Levels



Total Matched by Selection

Not Available


Total Matched by MarketYesYes
BSP Far & Near PriceNot Available Yes
Transaction Charge AppliesYes (see here)Yes (see here) 
*Delay is variable between 1-180 seconds
**Restrictions will be applied to 'read only' Live App Keys
***Any new Delayed App Keys created since 8th April 2020 
haved default access to Stream API. 
Otherwise please contact Developer Support for access

Commercial Licensing

Please note:  We do not accept license applications from India, Bangledesh, Sri Lanka or the UAE

There are a number of different Commercial API licenses available and these fit into the definitions below:

Software Vendor Licence 

  • We wish to create a betting app to distribute to Betfair customers. 

Please see Developer Support for further information on how to apply for a Software Vendor Licence.

Odds Publisher Licence 

  • We are a Betfair Affiliate & want to publish Betfair odds. 

If your'e not an Affiliate, you can apply via > Join Now

Betting Operator Licence 

  • We are a licensed Betting Operator wanting to use Exchange data.  

Please contact us via Developer Support for further information.