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  1. The stake for each back offer is a minimum of 200 Euro Cents and can only be incremented in multiples of 50 Euro Cents.
  2. Any lay offers placed by the customer, must be placed in such a way as to ensure that the stake for any corresponding back offer amounts to a minimum of 50 Euro Cents.
  3. A placeOrders request may contain up to 50 bet instructions.  Any submissions containing more than 50 instructions will fail.
  4. We cannot accept betting offers with potential winnings, calculated on the basis of the pre-selected odds that exceed the amount envisaged by article 12, paragraph 4, of Finance Minister Decree no. 111 of 1 March 2006 (10,000 Euros). N.B. This amount includes the original stake.
  5. placeOrders request containing both back and lay bets in the same order will be rejected.  The error REJECTED_BY_REGULATOR will be returned in these circumstances.
The Italian Exchange isn't available for betting between 0200 and 0600 GMT