List< MarketCatalogue > listMarketCatalogue ( MarketFilter filter ,Set< MarketProjection >marketProjection, MarketSort sort, intmaxResults ,Stringlocale ) throws APINGException

Returns a list of information about published (ACTIVE/SUSPENDED) markets that does not change (or changes very rarely). You use listMarketCatalogue to retrieve the name of the market, the names of selections and other information about markets.  Market Data Request Limits apply to requests made to listMarketCatalogue.

Please note: listMarketCatalogue does not return markets that are CLOSED.

Parameter name







The filter to select desired markets. All markets that match the criteria in the filter are selected.


Set< MarketProjection >


The type and amount of data returned about the market.




The order of the results. Will default to RANK if not passed. RANK is an assigned priority that is determined by our Market Operations team in our back-end system. A result's overall rank is derived from the ranking given to the flowing attributes for the result. EventType, Competition, StartTime, MarketType, MarketId. For example, EventType is ranked by the most popular sports types and marketTypes are ranked in the following order: ODDS ASIAN LINE RANGE If all other dimensions of the result are equal, then the results are ranked in MarketId order.




limit on the total number of results returned, must be greater than 0 and less than or equal to 1000




The language used for the response. If not specified, the default is returned.

Return type


List< MarketCatalogue >

output data




Generic exception that is thrown if this operation fails for any reason.

Since 1.0.0


The RUNNER_METADATA returned by listMarketCatalogue for Horse Racing (when available) is described in the table below.

WEIGHT_UNITSThe unit of weight usedpounds
ADJUSTED_RATINGAdjusted ratings are race-specific ratings which reflect weights allocated in the race and, in some circumstances, the age of the horse. Collectively they represent the chance each runner has on form. https://www.timeform.com/Racing/Articles/How_the_ratings_for_a_race_are_calculated79
DAM_YEAR_BORNThe year the horse’s mother's birth1997
DAYS_SINCE_LAST_RUNThe number of days since the horse last ran66
WEARINGAny extra equipment the horse is wearingtongue strap
DAMSIRE_YEAR_BORNThe year in which the horse's grandfather was born on its mothers side1988
SIRE_BREDThe country were the horse's father was bredIRE
TRAINER_NAMEThe name of the horse's trainerFergal O'Brien
STALL_DRAWThe stall number the horse is starting from10
SEX_TYPEThe sex of the horsef
OWNER_NAMEThe owner of the horseMr M. C. Fahy
SIRE_NAMEThe name of the horse's fatherRevoque
FORECASTPRICE_NUMERATORThe forecast price numerator13
FORECASTPRICE_DENOMINATORThe forecast price denominator8
JOCKEY_CLAIMThe reduction in the weight that the horse carries for a particular jockey5


The weight of the horse163
DAM_NAMEThe name of the horse's motherRare Gesture
AGEThe age of the horse7
COLOUR_TYPEThe colour of the horseb
DAMSIRE_BREDThe country were the horse's grandfather was bornIRE
DAMSIRE_NAMEThe name of the horse's grandfatherShalford
SIRE_YEAR_BORNThe year the horse's father was born1994
OFFICIAL_RATINGThe horses official rating97
FORMThe horses recent form212246
BREDThe country in which the horse was bornIRE



The runnerId for the horse


JOCKEY_NAMEThe name of the jockey. Please note: This field will contain 'Reserve' in the event that the horse has been entered into the market as a reserve runner. Any reserve runners will be withdrawn from the market once it has been confirmed that they will not run.Paddy Brennan
DAM_BREDThe country where the horse's mother was bornIRE
COLOURS_DESCRIPTIONThe textual description of the jockey silkRoyal blue and black check, white sleeves and cap
COLOURS_FILENAMEA relative URL to an image file corresponding to the jockey silk. You must add the value of this field to the base URL: http://content-cache.betfair.com/feeds_images/Horses/SilkColours/c20140225lei/00058836.jpg 
CLOTH_NUMBERThe number on the saddle-cloth5
CLOTH_NUMBER ALPHAThe number on the saddle-cloth. For US Racing were the runner is paired, this field will display the cloth number of the paired runner e.g. "1A"