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This release is now live!

This release includes the following functions:

Australian Markets

You can make requests and place bets on Australian markets by accessing the Australian exchange server via the following endpoints.

Betting API

Accounts API

*Please note the getAccountFunds operations for the Australian Exchange doesn’t currently return details from the Australian wallet.  This is due to be rectified in a future release.


Account Operations (Vendor API)

  • A new operation getVendorClientId that returns a unique VendorClientId for a customer to the vendor . This operation creates a VendorClientId if one does not already exist.
  • Updated operation activateApplicationSubscription that now generates a new VendorClientId if one does not exist when activating a subscription.
  • Updated operation listApplicationSubscriptionTokens which now returns a VendorClientId for active subscriptions.
  • A new  operation getApplicationSubscriptionHistory that returns a list of all subscriptions that are associated to a customer’s VendorClientId.
  • Vendors are now able to attach some information about a customer to a subscription via a new attribute called clientReference. This reference could be a previous subscription reference or an old vendor client id used in API-6, for example.
  • Vendors can pass in the clientReference in an updated getApplicationSubscriptionToken operation.
  • Vendors can retrieve the clientReference via an updated listApplicationSubscriptionTokens operation and via the new getApplicationSubscrption operation.

Betting Operations


  • Now includes OrderBy BY_MATCH_TIME to allow orders to be returned in order of matched time.