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Please see details below for the Betfair Exchange API roadmap.

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Betfair Exchange API Product Roadmap

Estimated Release Date*     





30th-31st OctoberAdd RaceType field & filterAdditional MARKET_DESCRIPTION field added to listMarketCatalogueReleased
17th JulyAdding additional fields to listMarketBook & Exchange Stream API to support Spreads & Totals market types.

Exchange API - Additional PriceLadderDescription object to the MarketDescription detailing the type of price ladder for the market. Adding an optional KeyLineDescription object to the MarketState containing details of the selections and handicaps forming the KeyLine.

Exchange Stream API - Additional PriceLadderDefinition, KeyLineDefinition objects added to MarketDefinition.

11th AprilAdding support for LINE marketsAdding support for LINE markets.Released
28th MarchNew listRunnerBook operationReturns a list of dynamic data about a market and a specified runner. Released

*The release dates are estimates and are subject to change. Please see the New API - Release Announcements for live update
**This service is not available to commercial data licensees