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This optional filter already filters by your account; but additional data shaping is supported


Line Markets

Line markets being sent on the Market Stream can be identified by the bettingType field of MarketDefinition (with value of "LINE").

The MarketDefinition of Line markets provide some additional fields that will be null for all other types,

  • lineMaxUnit - maximum value for the outcome, in market units for this market (eg 100 runs).
  • lineMinUnit - minimum value for the outcome, in market units for this market (eg 0 runs).
  • lineInterval - the odds ladder on this market will be between the range of lineMinUnit and lineMaxUnit, in increments of the interval value.e.g. If lineMinUnit=10 runs, lineMaxUnit=20 runs, lineInterval=0.5 runs, then valid odds include 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5 up to 20 runs.


For updates for Orders on Line markets received on the Order Stream be aware of how the following properties behave,

  • price - line markets operate at even-money odds of 2.0. However, price for these markets refers to the line positions available as defined by the markets min-max range and interval steps.
  • side - for Line markets a 'B' bet refers to a SELL line and an 'L' bet refers to a BUY line.
  • averagePriceMatched - this value is not meaningful for activity on Line markets and is not guaranteed to be returned or maintained for these markets.


This field will now be present in some cases on the Order object of the Order Stream to denote the reason that some or all of the order is lapsed. It will be null if no portion of the order is lapsed or if the order lapsed for some reason other than those listed below.

The full list of currently supported values for this field is,:

MKT_UNKNOWNThe market was unknown, presumably removed from the matcher (closed) between bet placement and matching.
MKT_INVALID The market was known about, but in an invalid state.
RNR_UNKNOWNThe runner was unknown, presumably removed between bet placement and matching.
TIME_ELAPSEDThe bet was waiting in the queue too long, so was lapsed for safety.
CURRENCY_UNKNOWNThe bet's currency ID was not recognised by the matcher.
PRICE_INVALIDThe bet's price was invalid, e.g. outside the defined ladder for the market.
MKT_SUSPENDEDThe market was suspended at the time the bet came to be matched.
MKT_VERSIONThe bet had a maximum market version set, and the market's version on matching was greater than this.
LINE_TARGETThe bet was on a line market, but was requested targeting profit or payout.
LINE_SPThe bet was on a line market, but was either a BSP bet directly, or requested to PERSIST_TO_SP.
SP_IN_PLAYThe bet was a BSP bet that had somehow come to be placed after turn-in-play.
SMALL_STAKEThe bet's stake was worth less than half a penny in GBP.
PRICE_IMP_TOO_LARGEWhen the bet came to be matched, the price available was better than its best permitted price, suggesting a significant shift in the market, presumably due to a major incident, which may have rendered the bet unwanted.