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Code Block
        "jsonrpc": "2.0",
        "result": {
            "marketId": "1.111836557",
            "instructionReports": [
                    "instruction": {
                        "selectionId": 5404312,
                        "handicap": 0,
                        "marketOnCloseOrder": {
                            "liability": 2
                        "orderType": "MARKET_ON_CLOSE",
                        "side": "BACK"
                    "betId": "31645233727",
                    "placedDate": "2013-11-12T12:07:29.000Z",
                    "status": "SUCCESS"
            "status": "SUCCESS"
        "id": 1

Betting Enhancements

Fill or Kill bets

By setting the optional parameter ‘TimeInForce’ on a limitOrder submission to the value ‘FILL_OR_KILL’ and optionally passing a minFillSize value, the Exchange will only match the order if at  least the specified minFillSize can be matched (if passed) or the whole order matched (if not).  Any order which cannot be so matched, and any remaining unmatched part of the order (if minFillSize is specified) will be immediately cancelled.